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Untitled: Prologue

I've decided to finally try my hand at writing my own fan fic.

Title: Untitled as of now
Author: moonliz
Pairing(s): Erik/Christine (I think)
Rating: This chapter is a G, most def., but I'd like it to get up to NC-17.
Summary: What would have happened if Meg had accompanied Raoul and Mme Giry beneath the Opera House?

I'm not quite sure where the rest of this is going. I'd love some suggestions on how you think the story should progress.


“I’ll go with you!” Meg cried.

“No Meg, you must stay here,” her mother, Madame Giry, said sternly.

But Meg would not have any of it. She was going whether her mother liked it or not. Christine was her best friend and she would not let any harm come to her.

“Mother, I am coming with you, and there shall be no more discussion.”

Madame Giry looked quickly at Raoul, who gave a brief shrug of his shoulders and nod, giving his permission for Meg to accompany them.

Grabbing Meg’s hand, Madame Giry rushed toward the hidden passageway that she knew would lead them to Erik’s underground home. She spoke quickly, explaining that Erik’s recent behavior had become more and more erratic, and he no longer took the precautions that he used to take to protect his identity. His fiasco onstage that night was the culmination of many months of close calls and blatant disregard for his own safety and privacy.

As the trio hurried through the passages beneath the Opera House, Madame Giry’s steps slowed.

“This is as far as I dare go,” she stated hesitantly when they reached a sharp downward slope.

“No,” Meg said, “We’ve come this far. We can’t let any harm come to Christine. Or Raoul. Mother, you know the Phantom--“

“Erik,” Madame Giry interjected quickly.

“—Erik, better than all of us,” Meg continued, “If he will listen to reason from anyone, he will listen to you, won’t he?”

Madame Giry looked doubtful.
“Perhaps…” she said, her thin brows furrowing as she weighed her options. She knew that Erik would not harm her, not after what she had done for him. She had saved him from dying like an animal in a cage many years ago. However, she couldn’t guarantee that Raoul or Christine would be safe from his rage. And judging by the determination in Meg’s eyes, there was no way Meg would not see this journey through, even if her mother forbade her to continue further.

“Yes,” Madame Giry quickly said, “We must go. All three of us. Come, let us continue. I think I remember the way.”
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