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...come to me strange angel...

Strange Angel
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All Members , Moderated
Hello all and welcome to Strange Angel: Phantom of the Opera Phanfiction.

Anyone can join, be they reader or writer. I really don't care what kindof phic is posted on the community. Just makes sure you give fair warning to your explicit/slash stories.

Here's the rules...
1. Everyone loves feedback...so comment often.

2. Please...no one likes to read phic full of grammatical errors and spelling issues. So spell check, or heck get a beta.

3. No flaming. I cannot stand this. If you flame, and I find out...hoo man. You're busted. Bottom line. You flame, you're out.

4. Have fun...this is a place where you can receive feedback, and help in your stories. So get posting.

The Mod.